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Accessing Your Email Remotely

See the below PDF for instructions on accessing your CEO webmail remotely. Please note that the log-in information for your CEO email is the same as your log-in information for your CEO computer.


You can also change your CEO password within webmail.  To do so, once you’re logged in to webmail, click Options on the upper right-hand corner, then select Change Your Password:

You will then be brought to this screen where you need to enter the password you used to access your account in the first box and your updated password in the second and third boxes, then click Save.  Your password is now updated!

ATTENTION: If your password is reset by IT, it is important for you to log in immediately using the information provided to you and then change your password to something that you can remember.  Please do not write down or share your password.  You may find it helpful to write down a clue for yourself that will help you remember it in the future.

Please also note: Non-exempt employees are not permitted to perform any kind of work prior to their scheduled starting time nor after their scheduled ending time, except as authorized and approved by their manager.    

This includes unauthorized work performed remotely, including, without limitation, remote access of the agency’s computer network and use of personal  devices to access email  outside scheduled hours of work.

If you have any questions about anything in the above or any software related question, please reach out to the Office Hours team – officehours@ceoempowers.org