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June Birthdays!

Help us wish a Happy Birthday to all the staff members with June birthdates!

Staff Member Location Birthday
Phylicia Vogel SFRC June 4
Kathleen Mann UTC June 8
Karen Kable SFRC June 9
Stephanie Cassavaugh  Troy CSD 2 June 14
Kolby Tator SFRC June 15
Tabitha Owens Admin June 16
James Guyer UTC June 17
Lisa Gerling Troy CSD 12 June 22
Renata Memole-Gwozdz CRC June 23
Nelda Hughes SFRC June 25
Giyahni Carter LFRC June 26
Ceiara Dominy  RFRC June 27


Staff ID Reminder

We hope everyone had a beautiful, safe Memorial Day weekend! As a reminder of our ongoing safety efforts, we are asking all CEO staff to ensure they are wearing their ID and lanyards throughout the workday. This specifically includes when you are entering or walking around any agency site and during all customer interactions.  As we continue to work towards in-person services in all programs, it is very important that staff within our buildings are identified as agency staff amongst each other and distinguished from customers.

If you need a new ID badge issued, please contact Camilla Griffin, HR Assistant.

We appreciate everyone adhering to this reminder and ensuring all CEO staff are identifiable by their CEO badge.

IT Reminders

We wanted to take a few minutes to remind everyone of a few IT related items: Please don’t forget to do your Arctic Wolf cyber security trainings. The emails will be coming directly from Arctic Wolf on Thursdays, and the expectation is that all staff will complete...

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External Email Notifications

In our continued efforts to keep our users and network safe from cyber threats, a banner will be added to the top of emails that are received from outside of our network. This banner will notify users when an email has been received from an external source, which...

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Community Action Day Activities

Community Action Day is next Friday, May 12th, and there are great activities planned across our agency. Community Action Day is part of a larger Community Action Month movement that over 1,000 Community Action Agencies in the network participate in every year. 2023...

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IT Tips: Email Record Retention Reminder

A gentle reminder that all emails will only be available for a rolling 12-month period. Please remember to save important documentation outside of Outlook. Below is a tip sheet for how to go about reviewing your inbox and other mail folders, and save important...

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May 2023 Birthdays!

Help us wish a Happy Birthday to all the staff members with May birthdates! Staff Member Location Birthday Angelica Nieves CRC May 4 Victoria Knapp RFRC May 13 Daisy Font Troy CSD School 2 May 15 Bonnie Thomas SFRC May 15 Tracy Butler UTC May 18 Samuel Roberge Admin...

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