Agency phone list has been updated!

The phone list is available on the agency resource page as well

April 2023 Birthdays!

Help us wish a Happy Birthday to all the staff members with April birthdates!

Staff Member Location Birthday
Win Win Aye RFRC April 2
Rodney Cady HFFRC April 3
Michelle McBain CRC April 4
Christina O’Brien CRC April 7
Carol Kern LFRC April 7
Sheniek Bootman Troy School 2 April 13
Liduvina Lind LFRC April 14
Nailah Coley CRC April 15
Maira Ruiz LFRC April 16
Anika Germond SFRC April 18
Amanda Nowicki HFFRC April 20
Alanis Lind CRC April 23
Nia Hamby CRC April 23
Susan Schongar ECS April 24
Jessica Owens CRC April 27
Sarah Williams ECS April 27
Belkys Peñaló RFRC April 27
David Hughes UTC April 29
Pam Maxstadt CRC April 30
Ashleigh Ryan UTC April 30


Nourish New York

We are happy to announce that CEO has been awarded another round of Nourish New York grant funding. This extension to our current grant will expand the program to end on 6/30/2023. While the time period is short, we are already forming some plans for food purchases and distributions to benefit our families and staff. We’ll announce more as we finalize details, but are excited to share this news with our staff.

URGENT: Password change and Microsoft update needed

Microsoft discovered a critical security vulnerability that allows attackers to steal login credentials simply by sending you or anyone on your team an email – no interaction or opening of the email is needed in order to be compromised.

Immediate action needed by each all staff:

  • Follow the steps below to update Microsoft on each of your devices (desktop, laptop, and/or tablet)
  • Everyone should change their network password at this time
  • Watch for MFA fatigue – if you get a message to approve a multi-factor authentication login when you are not logging into your computer or to a Microsoft Office application, DO NOT approve the login

How to update Microsoft:

1. In Outlook, select File

2. Click Office Account on the left menu and select Update Now from Update Options on the right

3. Under About Outlook you can see what version you are on. The correct version with the security update is included in Version 2302 (Build 16130.20306).

If you have any further questions and / or require assistance, please reach out to x322.

WIC and WIC Vendor Management Program News

Earlier this week we were notified by the NYS Department of Health (DOH) that our five-year WIC refunding application was awarded and we will continue to provide the much-needed services to residents of Rensselaer County. Sadly, the application for our WIC Vendor...

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Wellness Day- March 17th

Happy Friday! CEO continues to prioritize employee wellness in our decision making and initiatives. We know that March can be a long month and want to seize the opportunity to focus on staff wellness.  We are excited to announce that we will be hosting a Wellness Day...

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Community Action Day T-Shirt Contest

With Community Action Month coming up in May, CEO is hosting a design competition for the Community Action Month t-shirts. All CEO staff can enter the competition, and are encouraged to do so! Between now and March 17, 2023, entries can be submitted to the Marketing...

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Customer Satisfaction Surveys- Weatherization

We received a few cards back from Weatherization customers and wanted to share with everyone, and say good job to our Weatherization team! "They were very nice, clean and neat right from the office to the house. I want to thank everyone. Thank you. God bless you all."...

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March 2023- Birthdays!

Help us wish a Happy Birthday to all the staff members with March birthdates! Staff Member Location Birthday Lori Whitman HFFRC March 1 James Surano CRC March 2 Kelly Berbrick UTC March 4 Teresa Hatch SFRC March 6 Judy DeSapio LFRC March 7 Teresa Raso CRC March 9...

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