October Calendar has been Updated!

Spectrum Phone System Launch Today

We are excited to announce that the despite the network issues, the Main Campus will be making the switch to the new Spectrum phone system this afternoon. The technicians will begin work around 12pm, or potentially a little before. Please be aware that the internet and phone system will be down from 2pm on. You should be arriving to the new system, and new phones tomorrow morning. A few things to be aware of:

  • You will no longer have to dial 9 to access an outside line.
  • All of the remote sites will have new extensions (spreadsheet attached).
  • After this last launch, you will be able to dial any staff member/classroom across the agency with only an extension.
  • There is a PDF attached with an overview of your phone, and setting up Voicemail.
  • There is also a PDF attached on the “Anywhere Connect” soft phone set up for desktop. The soft phone application will be available to staff based on position. Please check with your manager to see if you will have that capability.
  • Please note that voicemail, and the soft phone software will not be available for classroom and kitchen phones.
  • The passcode to set up your voicemail will be 2580 until you change it, we ask that you use the below script:

                Hello, you’ve reached the desk of (name + title).  I am unable to take your call at this time.  Please leave a detailed message and I will return your call as soon as possible.

  • You can dial #611 for Spectrum technical support, should you need it, but IT will also be available for questions and concerns. 

Below is our new phone list, and a link to the Polycon overview PDF, and Anywhere Connect PDF:

New Master Phone List

Polycon 300 Overview

Anywhere Connect


IT Network Update

The past couple of days have been extremely challenging as we work to understand the issues with our IT network servers which are responsible for our internet, phones, emails and data.  We hired a consultant to assist us with this matter and have determined that our systems have been compromised.  While we are at the early stages of our investigation, it is possible that personal information may have been compromised.  We continue to evaluate and repair our systems and hope for full restoration, although this may take some time.

Until further information is available, do not access any email regardless of the appearance of its accessibility.  Do not forward any emails from your personal email account to your CEO account (or vice versa) for any reason. As you know, CEO has a limited IT staff; please refrain from contacting them until we are through this challenge.  Also, as a reminder, do not utilize the internet for personal use as this could hinder our ability to identify the source of the problem and the solution.  Staff are encouraged to use Microsoft Teams as a mode of communication.  The Employee Intranet also remains available and going forward, updated information will be posted there.

We will keep you abreast as to the extent of the issue and any potential impact to staff and our operations.  Thank you for your patience.

IT Network Update

ATTENTION: Network Systems

Please be advised the CEO network and phone systems are down. IT is working diligently to resolve the issue. In the meantime, email, G Drive, and inward bound phone calls are all effected by these issue.

COVID-19 Updates

Since the beginning of the pandemic, CEO has provided our staff with a high level of flexibility for those individuals  impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic; this included a voluntary decision by CEO to extend Families First benefits through September 30, 2021....

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October 2021 Birthdays

Help us wish a Happy Birthday to all the staff members with October birthdates! Staff Member Location Birthday Amanda Dominy RFRC October 1 Derek Rogers Administration October 4 Shelby Johnson SFRC October 5 Ashley Wilson RFRC October 6 Agustin Mauras CRC ECS October...

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Holiday Gift & Size Update Needed in ADP

CEO is excited to announce our Staff Holiday Gift! We’ve attached a mockup of the quarter zip sweatshirt with CEO logo we’ll be ordering for all of our staff in time for the holiday break. In order to make sure we get everyone a sweatshirt that fits, we’re asking that...

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COVID Vaccination Documentation

If you have been vaccinated for Covid-19 and have not yet provided HR with a copy of your vaccination card, please scan that to Sara Goodwin-Tague at sgoodwin@ceoempowers.org by Friday, Sept. 24th . If you are not sure if you have provided a copy, please scan it to...

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REMINDER: Complete Proofpoint Data Security Training

As part of our NY State Shield Act Compliance, CEO has purchased a data security training software and the deadline for completion of the training is coming up at the end of September  (September 30th). You should have received an email from “CEO’s Security Education...

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New COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate

Dear CEO Staff, Yesterday, President Biden announced a vaccine mandate for all federal employees and contractors, specifically Head Start and Early Head Start staff.  As of today, we have not received notice that other funding sources are supporting this mandate,...

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