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Marketing and Communications

Procedures Manual:

  1. Accessing and Using CEO and Program Logos
  2. Accessing and Using CEO Letterhead
  3. Business Card Order Procedures
  4. Downloading the CEO Organizational Chart
  5. Email Etiquette
  6. Email Signature Formatting- Web
  7. Email Signature Formatting-Desktop
  8. Marketing Request Procedures
  9. Media Consents
  10. Memorandums
  11. Notification of Internal Updates
  12. Press Communication
  13. Press Interview Guidelines
  14. Signing Out Display Materials
  15. Social Media Guidelines and Strategies
  16. Style Guide – Use of Agency Colors and Fonts
  17. The CEO Website
  18. The Intranet
  19. Presentation Support Requests


Other Resources:

Door Sign Templates

Program Flyers

PDF Program Flyers:

JPG Program Flyers for Social:


In order to make sure all of your files adhere to the style guide, you will need to install our two brand fonts. To download and install, click on the links below. A dialogue box should open up. Click Save. Then, open the folder where you saved the file. Double click the font file. A dialogue box should open up, and at the top left there should be two buttons, one of which is “install.” Click install. Your font should now be installed.

If you run into any difficulties, please try troubleshooting the problem by reading the tutorial appropriate for your operating system:


To download logos, click on the logo of your choice. It will open up in a new window. Hover your mouse over the logo in the new window and right click. Choose “Save Image As” and save the logo on your computer in the folder of your choice.

Black and White Standard Logo

JPEG (solid)

PNG (transparent)

Color Standard Logo

JPEG (solid)

PNG (transparent)

Color with Tagline

JPEG (solid)

PNG (transparent)