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Policies & Procedures Manual

  1. Acceptable Use Policy, Includes:
    1. Acceptable Use
    2. Access Management
    3. Authentication/Passwords
    4. Clear Screen
    5. Data Security
    6. Email and Electronic Communication
    7. Hardware and Software
    8. Removable Media
    9. Security & Training Awareness
    10. Copyrighted Materials
    11. Voicemail
    12. Internet Access
    13. Incidental Personal Use
  2. Electronic Monitoring Agreement
  3. Record Retention Policy
  4. Record Retention Schedule/Chart
  5. Record Retention- Email Cheat Sheet
  6. Remote Work Policy
  7. BYOD Policy
  8. Moves & Relocation of Equipment
  9. Data Security Compliance Procedure

Spectrum Phone System Resources

  1. Polycon 300 Phone Overview, Tips, & Voicemail Access
  2. Softphone “Anywhere Connect” installation and use for Mobile & Desktop
  3. Spectrum’s UC Learning Center for more tips and training resources, including:
    1. More on phones/voicemail
    2. More tutorials on “Anywhere Connect”


Group Emails

IT Service Request

An IT Service Request form should be completed for all requests of the IT department. In some cases, it may not be reasonable to submit a request due to the urgency of a situation. If the nature of a request is urgent and does not allow for the completion of an IT Service Request form prior to IT department notification, please contact the IT department at 518.272.6012 ext. 322 or or IT Support Consultants at 716-632-5881 Option 1 if the IT Administrator is not available.

All IT Service Requests should be submitted by a Manager or a person in direct supervision of the requesting employee. Guidance on rating the level of priority for your request:

High Priority: High priority should be indicated when a request must be addressed within 24 hours. This level is typically used for emergency situations that require immediate attention for normal work to continue with limited interruption.
Medium Priority: Medium priority should be indicated when a request is not urgent, but requires attention within 24 to 72 hours. This level is typically used for situations that do not cause a significant impact on normal operations.
Low Priority: Low priority should be indicated when an IT request is not urgent and does not require immediate attention. This level is typically used for IT support that is planned in advance and can be worked into IT scheduling as available.
All IT Service Requests will be assigned for completion on a priority basis.

IT Service Request Form