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IT Reminders

We wanted to take a few minutes to remind everyone of a few IT related items: Please don’t forget to do your Arctic Wolf cyber security trainings. The emails will be coming directly from Arctic Wolf on Thursdays, and the expectation is that all staff will complete...

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External Email Notifications

In our continued efforts to keep our users and network safe from cyber threats, a banner will be added to the top of emails that are received from outside of our network. This banner will notify users when an email has been received from an external source, which...

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IT Tips: Email Record Retention Reminder

A gentle reminder that all emails will only be available for a rolling 12-month period. Please remember to save important documentation outside of Outlook. Below is a tip sheet for how to go about reviewing your inbox and other mail folders, and save important...

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Arctic Wolf Cyber Security Training

As we mentioned earlier this month, we are switching our cyber security training platform from ProofPoint to Arctic Wolf. This switch was made to keep us better informed and up-to-date on trends, to better train CEO’s staff, and to streamline the management of the...

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IT Tips & Tricks

We are launching a new series on the Intranet- IT Tips & Tricks! Today's tip: if you are planning on getting a new phone, give IT a heads up prior to making the switch and they can help you migrate your WatchGuard token easier.  

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Cyber Security Training

We are in the process of changing our cyber security training software from ProofPoint to Arctic Wolf. You may receive an email directly from Arctic Wolf that says you have been added to their platform. Feel free to ignore it, since it’s just part of the onboarding...

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URGENT: Password change and Microsoft update needed

Microsoft discovered a critical security vulnerability that allows attackers to steal login credentials simply by sending you or anyone on your team an email - no interaction or opening of the email is needed in order to be compromised. Immediate action needed by each...

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Annual Cyber Security Training

It’s time to do our annual cyber security training. All staff will be required to complete the short training in the next few weeks. As an agency we utilize a software called ProofPoint to administer and track the training. Staff will receive an email directly from...

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Email Record Retention

In our continued efforts to improve our IT practices, policies, and cyber security as an entire agency, we will be changing our email record retention policy by the end of October. With this change, all emails will only be available for a rolling 12-month period. We...

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Please be vigilant with internal and external emails

The IT Department is aware of a growing number of phishing attempts being made against our agency. We’re asking that staff remain vigilant when reviewing both internal and external email. Keep the following tips in mind: Be suspicious of emails coming from CEO staff...

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